Oakleaf Village Elementary School

  • Oakleaf Village Elementary School

Skanska provided construction management services for this project which is the first of a pair of schools to become a prototype elementary school for the School District of Clay County. The school consists of 127,790 SF of new construction on a 30 acre site to accommodate 862 student stations in Kindergarten through 5th grades. The main building is all under one roof with the cafetorium designated as an EHPA shelter. Two small support buildings for PE storage / group restroom and custodial receiving / chiller / pumps / electrical complete the structures. Further improvements included site work and athletic fields, concrete tilt wall, with interior steel and joists, standing seam metal roof, metal studs w/drywall, 2x2 lay-in ceilings, VCT flooring, complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing with a fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, and emergency generator.


Environmental Focus - Skanska is ISO 14001 certified. Educated subs on enviromental aspects, routinely recyecled resteel, paper and cardboard, aluminum, drywall and concrete materials.

Benefits for the community

This new elementary school is in close proximity to hte homes of students in a rapidly growing area of Clay County. The new school relieves overcrowding of other schools where these students were attending. The school meets the EHPA (enhanced hurricane protection areas) guidelines to provide an emergency evacution shelter for community residents during hurricane seasons.

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