Construction Work Plan

We believe planning prevents incidents.

Prior to project mobilization, our crews and subcontractors create a comprehensive Construction Work Plan (CWP). This Skanska-developed tool helps identify potential hazards of a particular scope of work and recommends the safest way to do the job. Throughout construction, subcontractors continue to complete CWPs for each new task.

Pre-Shift Safety Huddle

Our daily pre-shift safety huddle begins with Stretch and Flex, a program implemented at all Skanska project sites and offices to warm up muscles and help prevent soft-tissue injuries. It’s an energetic way for the entire team and office to start the day and build camaraderie. Stretch and Flex is followed by announcements from our project leadership team to communicate any potential hazards or share relevant toolbox talks. Ultimately, the pre-shift safety huddle is a daily reminder to put safety first.

Daily Hazard Analysis

The Pre-Shift Safety Huddle is followed by Daily Hazard Analysis (DHA) review, a 10- to 15-minute documented conversation about the day’s activities, which includes discussion of each subcontractor’s CWP. This allows the entire project team to begin each day on the same page.

The DHA identifies the following:

  • The day’s work activities
  • Hazards associated with each work activity, including coordination with other crews around a work area
  • The steps crews will take to avoid the identified hazards.

If conditions change throughout the day, a new DHA must be completed. Skanska superintendents perform a daily worksite inspection to confirm that DHAs are completed and implemented.