Skanska has long been recognized as a premier bridge builder. Our teams have extensive construction experience on a variety of bridge types, helping move pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks and trains across rivers, roads and highways. Whether it’s a new iconic gateway to a city, historic renovation, rail line grade separation, highway bridge/interchange or an emergency reconstruction after a natural disaster, Skanska’s significant equipment fleet, false work materials, and project teams allow us to meet project schedule demands at great value to our customers.

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Regardless if it’s a new gateway to the city, historic renovation, a new water crossing to the beach, or an emergency reconstruction after a natural disaster, Skanska’s marine and bridge equipment fleet is building bridges that not only connect our communities, but also support intermodal shipping and commercial commerce, vital to our economy.

Skanska has one of the largest marine fleets in the U.S. This marine presence provides Skanska’s salaried and craft employees with readily accessible resources, and state-of-the-art equipment to quickly build our nation’s infrastructure that will help our communities travel to school, work or take a vacation, all while maintaining a emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Schedule adherence


Bridges are not only large pieces of infrastructure; they are also artistic structures that can help define a city’s landscape. Often they reveal a city’s history and culture, and offer a standing structure of City pride. Skanska appreciates the long-standing impact our bridges have on communities and understand that there is much more to our construction than a bridge that will convey people and goods across a river, road or train tracks.

Construction Project elements

  • Cable Stay
  • Movable
  • Steel Structures
  • Concrete Structures
  • Cast in place
  • Pre-cast and Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Corrosion Control
  • Homeland Security updates
  • ITS and toll systems integration

Market Disciplines

  • Class I Rail Roads
  • DOT
  • Light Rail Transit and Heavy Rail
  • Aviation
  • Pedestrian


Skanska has earned a reputation for creating new, innovative project delivery methods that allow us to deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost and with higher efficiency. Combined with Bayshore Concrete Products, Skanska is developing innovative ways to use construction materials and means & methods for FHWA approved Accelerated Bridge Construction technology.

Environmental mitigation, permitting, and protection of marine life with techniques such as double turbidity barriers and bubble curtains that absorb the energy of sound waves underwater, is important to our promise to deliver on our Purpose-to build for a better society.

We build what matters

We customize our approach to meet each client’s needs. To learn more, click on the highlighted projects below.