In order to reduce the amount of carbon we’re putting into the atmosphere and to help combat climate change on a global level, we have made building green a priority. In our development projects, we integrate sustainability into each stage of the process, from land acquisition to building operations.

Skanska Office, Portland, Oregon

We are increasingly focused on optimizing building design to minimize both embodied and operational carbon. On the construction side, we are a recognized industry leader in terms of green construction practices.

From building what is expected to become the first Living Building Challenge certified facility in the Southeast to an airport terminal that was the first project to achieve recognition under the new Envision v3 framework, our commitment to sustainability is visible in the projects we work on every day.

We are not only committed to reducing the carbon impacts from development and construction, we are also committed to reducing the impacts from our own operations. Our own offices are LEED certified, and when possible located within the high-performing buildings we have developed. You can learn more about some of our offices here and here