Foresight visit: An international two-week exchange program for Skanska Commercial Development colleagues

This spring, three of our Skanska Commercial Development (CD) colleagues traveled to a different country to participate in a two-week learning and development program: “Foresight visit.” In joining a different CD business unit for a short period, they gained a deeper understanding of different markets and team operations, worked alongside local teams, visited current projects and learned about different cultures.

Foresight visit is open to employees in Skanska USA Commercial Development (CDUS), Commercial Development Nordics (CDN) and Commercial Development Europe (CDE).

Meet our Skanska colleagues who recently embarked on this journey and read about their main takeaways.

Michael traveled to our Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest offices for two weeks to learn more about our CDE market and apply any new ideas to our development projects in Boston.

“It’s inspiring to see firsthand the global perspective of our company. There is a tremendous opportunity for further knowledge sharing between our CD organizations. In just a few weeks, I met with many teams and learned more about CDE’s approach to a wide range of focus areas—including acquisitions, divestment, leasing, project management, HR, marketing and communications,” says Michael.

While our Boston and CDE teams work in different areas of the world, Michael noticed some similarities to how they operate.

“Despite the geographic difference, our teams share the same passion for our projects and our customers, and also share many of the same struggles,” he adds. “There are so many concepts that I brought back to CDUS, and I know there is even more knowledge out there to gain.”

1 / 4 Michael spent time at CDE’s Warsaw office for our Spark project.
2 / 4 Michael visited the hospitality-oriented lobby at P180 in Warsaw, Poland.
3 / 4 An orange piano is one of the highlights of the lobby at our Praga Studios project.
4 / 4 Our tenants can exercise on the roof of the H20 office project in Budapest, Hungary.

Johanna who works out of our Gothenburg, Sweden office, visited our CDUS team in Seattle, Washington for two weeks. After spending time in a new place, she believes it’s beneficial to question the way we develop, build and investigate others’ solutions to see more alternatives.

“At Skanska, our teams face the same challenges but approach them in different ways, and we could learn a lot from reaching out more to each other,” says Johanna.

One of her main takeaways after participating in this program is that both her CDN team and our CDUS team in Seattle are very similar.

“Though there are some differences in how we’re organized and how we build—including customer demands related to our different markets—I could really feel that we work for the same company with the same values,” she adds.

1 / 3 Johanna visited our Kaye project during her time in Seattle.
2 / 3 A photo from a Saturday morning hike in the area that Johanna took during her visit.
3 / 3 The view from the top floor of The Eight in Bellevue, Washington.

Adam visited our CDN team in Stockholm, Sweden, where he expanded his knowledge of sustainability and innovation and learned how ideas are implemented differently among our CDN team.

When asked what his biggest takeaway was from the program, Adam said it was hard to pick just one thing.

“I really liked the idea of innovations starting on a small scale and growing from there. As a result, many diverse ideas are put into practice organically.”

According to Adam, the program itself was very inspiring.

"It was great to see such successful and ambitious projects in Sweden and meet a team of committed people who are driven towards a common goal that they all believe in.”

1 / 4 While working in the field, Adam said, “the most important thing is to share experience inclusively, highlighting the challenges and opportunities we have or had, and let the other party observe.
2 / 4 Skanska employees at a safety visit in Stockholm.
3 / 4 Adam visited our Sthlm New project in Sweden.
4 / 4 Adam presented his feedback and reflections with the team in Stockholm and Malmö.