Meet Jessica

Jessica Gonzalez

Project engineer at Skanska
Former United States Navy Aviation Machinist Mate Second Class (AD2 (AW))

  • 4 years driving notable Civil projects at Skanska
  • 4 years leading mechanics and troubleshooting in the United States Navy

How do the values of Skanska and the military align?

Skanska is a Veteran-friendly organization; it supports and encourages the improvement of its people. The camaraderie formed in the office and field is an extension of family.

What kind of opportunities does Skanska offer Veterans?

Skanska offers many opportunities for those who wish to further develop themselves professionally and personally, such as education assistance and professional development courses.

What value do Veterans bring to the construction industry?

Veterans tend to be adaptable individuals, who must learn how to perform their jobs efficiently under ever-changing conditions and locations. We are goal-oriented and driven but also care for each other, which are the qualities of a great team.

What advice would you offer Veterans trying to transition into construction?

Take advantage of any and every course offered to active-duty personnel. Try to finish as many courses and certifications as possible prior to completing your service.