Lean Construction

On every project, Skanska aims to drive value for customers. Our national expertise in Lean principles and methods encourage creative, collaborative thinking among employees and promote a continuous effort to eliminate waste throughout our operations. A founding member of the Lean Construction Institute, Skanska has applied Lean approaches in many construction sectors focused on helping clients realize their visions.

Providing Value to our Customers

Skanska has the in-house capability to provide increased value to our customers, through the implementation of Lean concepts and tools whether it’s through a specific project or supporting process improvement of internal operations.

Lean 101 Training

Training in the building blocks of Lean with simulations and practical implementations.

Last Planner System

Project-based training and facilitation of LPS from conceptual design through to closeout.

Choosing by Advantages

Support and guidance in decision making, by weighing the advantages of different alternatives.

Target Value Design

Leading this collaborative design process aimed at maximizing customer value within a predetermined budget.


Using the A3 approach to problem solving and project reporting.

Value Stream Mapping

Support developing this visual means to depict and improve flow through a process.

Visual Controls

Employing methods to visually manage operations on our project sites.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshops / Kaizen Events

Facilitation of workshops designed to dramatically reduce the waste in a process with immediate implementation.