The built environment accounts for nearly 40 percent of carbon emissions globally, with 11 percent embodied in construction materials and 28 percent stemming from building operations. As a company that cares for life, we recognize the current climate crisis and more importantly, the responsibility of our industry to take action. Skanska is leading the charge and has set an ambitious target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 in our own operations and across our entire value chain.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub PATH Hall, New York, New York

We have set aggressive targets for our own operations and are working to elevate the industry through the development of open-source tools that address embodied and operational carbon in all of our construction and development projects. From Insight and the the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool to the way we run our jobsites and the actions we take on all projects, we are helping our customers achieve their own sustainability goals and carbon targets.

Supporting our clients means supporting their bottom line. Studies have shown that a company’s expenses typically follow the 3-30-300 rule (for every square foot of space, a company will spend on average $3 on utilities, $30 for rent and operations and $300 for employee salary and benefits). People are the most important investment a company makes. Creating healthy, sustainable buildings that support the wellbeing and productivity of those employees is important, and something that we are ready to help with. Our own U.S. Commercial Development projects achieve a minimum of LEED® Gold on all projects, and pursue Fitwel or WELL certification.