Value to Clients

The emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and related technologies is transforming the design and construction industry and continues to reshape how we deliver projects. Our BIM-enabled approach threads together Skanska’s deep, award-winning legacy of construction expertise with innovative technologies and processes to continuously improve the way we work. We have applied these cutting-edge technologies to every phase of the building lifecycle, from conceptual design through facility management.

BIM adds value to a project by enabling us to:

  • Increase safety through data-enriched logistics, safety planning and “smart jobsite” tools like sensors, augmented reality and wearable technologies
  • Enhance communication with advanced visualization, virtual reality, field data management and electronic reporting tools
  • Minimize waste and promote cleaner jobsites with purchasing accuracy, barcode tracking and strategic supply chain management
  • Lower costs and optimize schedules with superior sequencing, offsite prefabrication and trade coordination
  • Strengthen collaboration by sharing and coordinating BIM data among all parties
  • Reduce risk by analyzing potential conflicts prior to construction
  • Improve quality with coordination, clash prevention and reality capture tools such as laser scanners, photogrammetry software and drones
  • Enhance lifecycle management by integrating BIM data with facility management systems to streamline maintenance, improve space management and increase energy efficiency