Take a look inside the Jabil New Roosevelt Office Building in St. Petersburg, Florida

In March 2021, our Tampa team completed construction of the Jabil Inc. New Roosevelt Building in St. Petersburg, Florida. The $56.6 million building features office space laboratories, customer engagement spaces and various amenities, including a fitness center and outdoor recreation space.


Located on Blue Heron Lake, this curved four-story building will contain new resources to support Jabil employees as they work on providing worldwide electronic manufacturing services and solutions. (Photo credit: Gensler)


2021_09_27_Genjab07_A (1).jpg

The building’s radial design is such that the column-to-column dimensions change as you move away from the lake and towards the building. (Photo credit: Gensler)



The building atrium glass features an electronic laminate inner sheet that detects the amount of sun coming in and dims the glass accordingly. This on-demand tint reduces glare and heat which improves employee well-being. (Photo credit: Gensler)



The volume of the atrium is equivalent to the amount of water contained in four Olympic-sized swimming pools. (Photo credit: Gensler)



The building has more than 1500 tons of structural steel which weighs about the same as one giant Sequoia tree. (Photo credit: Gensler)



The exterior building glass is tested to withstand a nine-foot piece of lumber being shot out of a cannon. (Photo credit: Gensler)



Jabil’s new headquarters includes over 170,000 square feet of office space, customer engagement spaces and a café. (Photo credit: Gensler)



In Jabil’s new state-of-the-art fitness center, employees can work out with a view of Blue Heron Lake. The fitness center includes a studio space for small classes and direct access to an outdoor event space for outdoor activities. (Photo credit: Gensler)



The building features a siphonic drain system on the roof. Unlike traditional roof drainage systems, a siphonic system is designed to operate with the piping completely charged with water during a rainstorm.


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