Meet Albert

Albert Zulps

Director of Emerging Technology at Skanska;
Former Marine Engineering Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy

  • 19 years adopting technology within Skanska and the construction industry

  • 6 years leading a naval ship’s engineering department and engineering systems

What value do veterans bring to the industry?

Strong work ethic and support of their peers, along with a unique perspective. Every person’s military background and experience is different. For myself, traveling in the military informed me of different cultures, ways of thinking and exposure to various built environments around the world. This led to studying architecture, and exposure to the construction industry in which I currently work.   

How did the military shape you into who you are today? 

The most memorable aspects of my time in the military involved the people I met and worked with, both military and civilian. I earned respect by respecting and listening to others, and I made it a point to get to know everyone. Becoming a marine engineer involved traditional apprenticeships, including standing watch in the engine and boiler rooms and writing certification exams. During these watches, our teams would have friendly push-up and other competitions. This esprit du corps led to strong performance and support of one another during emergencies and training exercises. 

What kinds of opportunities does Skanska offer?

Skanska encourages the hands-on approach I learned in the navy—to get out to our construction sites, meet the project teams, and collaborate and implement new technology and practices. Just as we supported each other on a naval ship, I feel the same support, teamwork and esprit du corps while working for Skanska.