Meet Jarrett

Jarrett Milligan

Vice President of Environment Health Safety (EHS), Northeast Region at Skanska
Former Damage Controlman in the United States Navy

  • 6 years overseeing safety programs on iconic projects at Skanska
  • 6 years serving in the United States Navy

What advice do you offer veterans trying to transition into construction? 

The biggest piece of advice is to take some classes, such as OSHA training, basic safety classes and industry courses to understand what we're looking for.

What value do veterans bring to the industry?

With an ever-changing economy and industry, we're constantly looking for new ways to do things. The way we work today may be completely different from the way we're doing it tomorrow. I believe veterans have the ability to adapt and overcome. Our veterans are out there serving our country, and when they come home, they need a place where they can feel at home.

What kind of opportunities does Skanska offer? 

The opportunities at Skanska are more than anywhere I've ever seen because we can do things that nobody else can do. We can travel and take assignments overseas. We do amazing things. We build bridges, tunnels, medical buildings, airports, and the amount of resources we have to tap is unparalleled.