Look inside Seattle University’s new Science and Innovation building in Seattle, Washington

In September, our teams will celebrate the opening of The Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) in Seattle, Washington. CSI, which is seeking LEED® Gold certification, is a reimagined science and engineering complex for students at Seattle University. This 111,000 square-foot facility will house the University’s biology, chemistry and computer science departments. Here are some photos of this incredible campus building.

Located on Seattle University’s campus, this five-story building will contain new resources to support students' development into empowered leaders building a more just and humane world.  (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)


Seattle University is home to numerous revered trees as well as gardens created by Fugitaro Kubota. In the center of its very urban surroundings, the tree-filled campus is an oasis for the larger community, serving as a park for all. For this project, involvement of the Kubota Foundation was instrumental in relocating and properly placing these trees in the new Kubota Legacy Garden. (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)


Inside CSI, the Edward and Marjorie Billodue Makerspace will enable innovation, entrepreneurship and hands-on project-based learning for the Seattle University community. This environment will house tools and machines—including 3D printers, laser cutters and a kiln—that students can use to engage in curricular, extracurricular and independent activities to design, fabricate, assemble and test individual components and engineered systems. Billodue Makerspace Zones will include Bike Repair and Maintenance, Jewelry and Metal Arts, and Fiber and Textile Arts. (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)


Seattle University’s student-run radio station, 102.1 FM KXSU, will move from their Campion Hall basement location—where they’ve been residing since 1994—to CSI. The new room will feature radio and DJ rooms divided by an acoustic control window and wall panels. (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)


CSI will provide a prominent new location for the University’s Center for Community Engagement, which serves as the main entry point for students, faculty and staff who want to engage in the local community. The Center also acts as the focal point for community-based organizations and government institutions seeking University support to address unmet community needs. (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)


Additional highlights of the new building include the University Commons for campus events, Amazon Computer Science Project Center, environmental control rooms and specialized equipment, and the Convergence Zone Café by Microsoft. In addition to the new building, the project scope of CSI includes extensive renovations to existing facilities in the Bannan Building’s Science and Engineering wings—six stories totaling 66,000 square feet—that will house the engineering, math and physics departments. (Photo credit: © KEVIN SCOTT)