Our BIM Team

Skanska USA supports a robust network of BIM and VDC professionals embedded within our project teams who are committed to enhancing project planning, execution and delivery through the implementation of new technologies and innovative processes. Within this network is a core group of experts who are responsible for developing standards, training our staff, providing project support, sharing best practices and improving the way we work.

Empowering Project Teams

Skanska’s commitment to BIM as an everyday practice is exemplified in our comprehensive training program. Our BIM and VDC related training courses range from an introductory level class to in-depth, hands-on training in specialty areas such as model building, design management, safety, and visualization. Our goal is to ensure all office and project-based personnel are trained as VDC users appropriate to their job functions. This includes knowledge of the applications and benefits of VDC as well as the BIM tools available and how to use them on the job.

Our Professional BIM Certificate Program

Skanska has teamed with the University of Washington’s (UW) Department of Construction Management to offer a professional certificate for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The program trains professionals to use data-rich virtual modeling tools in the design and construction process. This three-hour weekly course is offered fully online or in-person at the UW campus in Seattle. Students learn tangible BIM software skills and VDC processes, as well as industry context to decide why and how to leverage these capabilities.

Over the course of the program, Skanska’s seasoned BIM leaders teach on topics ranging from BIM fundamentals and planning to coordination and facilities management. The program is led by Carrie Sturts Dossick, associate professor of building management and director of the Center for Education and Research in Construction, and Catherine Rose, director of staff development for VDC at Skanska. This partnership with the University of Washington demonstrates our commitment to moving the industry forward and our expertise in the area of virtual design and construction.

Regional Contacts