Subcontractor Management

As part of our safety management program, we partner with our subcontractors to heighten awareness of the risks workers face every day. Our goal is to change the workforce culture from “Incidents won’t happen to me,” to “I can prevent incidents before they happen.” We actively foster an environment in which all workers take care of one another and feel free to speak up about safety.


In order to bid on a Skanska project, all subcontractors must prequalify by meeting specific safety requirements, including:

  • A comprehensive safety program
  • An active safety training program
  • An experience Modification Rate (EMR) under 1.0
  • Zero fatalities in previous three years
  • Zero serious OSHA citations in previous three years.


Subcontractor workers entering our jobsites attend IFE orientation, which focuses on workers’ personal relationship to safety. Subcontractor supervisors are encouraged to attend our Supervisory Skills Workshop, which focuses on three skills:

  • Assigning injury-free work
  • Recognizing and reinforcing safe work
  • Constructively correcting at-risk work.

Courses are led by specially trained members of the Skanska project team and are offered as close to the start of construction as possible. We evaluate orientations and training periodically to verify they are being properly conducted and that the contents adequately cover the standards, policies, rules and procedures contained in the EHS Manual and OSHA standards.

Plan for safety

During construction, each subcontractor team develops a Construction Work Plan for every major task they are to complete. Additionally, each team member is expected to actively participate in our Pre-Shift Safety Huddle and Daily Hazard Analysis planning.

Last updated: 7/24/2017