Launching Supplier Diversity Portal for stronger partnerships with small and diverse businesses

Even when our economy is thriving, small and diverse businesses struggle to succeed with limited resources, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the hurdles these businesses must overcome.

Skanska aims to maximize opportunities for small and diverse suppliers—and these firms include not just our subcontractor partners, but also suppliers who provide services and products to our offices and jobsites, ranging from waste disposal and catering to apparel and office equipment. On behalf of our Supplier Diversity Group, I’m excited to announce a new opportunity for non-subcontractor suppliers interested in working with Skanska—our Supplier Diversity Portal.

Skanska’s Supplier Diversity Portal provides non-subcontractor businesses an opportunity to register for local and national procurement opportunities across the U.S. The portal also includes:

  • Spotlighting success: A Supplier Spotlight, showcasing small and diverse suppliers we work with. Expect this section to grow throughout the year as we share the products and services these suppliers provide.
  • Understanding resources: Frequently Asked Questions that provide information on registering with a certifying agency for access to federal and corporate procurement opportunities and resources. Although third party certification is not required for these opportunities, we encourage businesses to understand the benefits and will work with you to become certified.
  • Cultivating connection: Regional supplier diversity team members’ contact information if you have any questions regarding opportunities to partner with Skanska. After registering on the portal, a representative local to your businesses’ home city or state will be in contact with you to begin cultivating a relationship and understanding your company’s capabilities.

Skanska’s mission to build for a better society can only be realized with the skills and ingenuity that small and diverse businesses bring. This is just one of many reasons why we are committed to strengthening small and diverse suppliers through inclusive business practices, knowledge sharing and relationship building.

We understand that businesses can be multi-faceted, including how they identify from a diversity perspective—we work with businesses of all representations, including women, minority, disability and LGBT-owned. If you are a small or diverse business owner and are interested in partnering with Skanska, register at our Supplier Diversity Portal today. My team and I look forward to connecting with you.

Supplier Spotlight: increasing M/W/DBE exposure

To highlight the amazing suppliers we work with and increase awareness of their offerings, we have included a Supplier Spotlight section on our Supplier Diversity Portal. In the coming weeks we look forward to showcasing several of our partners on our webpage and social channels.

Last updated: 2/18/2021