Scenic drives on your favorite interstate, going to work on a county road, riding in the HOV lane or traveling great distances on the turnpike, Skanska has been involved in all varieties of transportation infrastructure in helping our communities commute to school, work or take a vacation. Highways, bridges and grade separations has been a core Skanska competency for nearly 100 years. Our priorities have always aligned with what is important to our customers.

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We build safely for the public and workers.
We build for the mobility of people and goods.
We build structures that stand the test of time.

Shared Goals

Listening to your goals and project objectives, we partner with our customers and project stakeholders to determine the safest and most efficient means of meeting or exceeding project goals and objectives.

We value the life-cycle cost of the infrastructure we build, and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the long-standing architecture/aesthetics of the community

By incorporating innovations such as BIM, we improve quality, safety and mitigate potential issues through detailed planning prior to beginning execution of the work.


Historically, infrastructure projects in many ways used green methods, but there had been no way to measure the effectiveness of the sustainability efforts, until more recently. Envision provides a holistic framework to measure a project’s sustainability throughout the design and construction projects for infrastructure projects similar to what LEED has done for building projects.

Envision evaluates and rates the community, environmental and economic benefits of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects. Administered by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), Envision consists of a broad range of criteria that address a projects impact on the surrounding community and environment, technical considerations regarding material selection and processes, and other critical choices spanning the projects lifecycle. Envision directly aligns with how Skanska defines sustainability, which is why Skanska maintains an Envision Board Member seat and actively participates in the continuous improvement of the Envision certification.

We build what matters

Skanska is an industry leader in partnering with our customers and project stakeholders in completing complex infrastructure projects utilizing a variety of procurement methods; including Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, CM/GC, GC/CM, CM@R and PPP. To learn more, click on the highlighted projects below.