Meet Russell

Russell DeMartino

Executive Vice President at Skanska
Former West Point Aviation Officer and United States Army Captain

  • 4 years developing Class-A office buildings at Skanska
  • 15 years in real estate development
  • 8.5 years serving in the United State Army

How did the military shape you into who you are today? 

The military helped me from my personal organization to the way I feel about duty towards others and getting things done. It’s regimented, and the self-discipline aspect helps you throughout the rest of your life. It’s also a very teamwork oriented organization. You don't succeed in the military unless you know how to work with people and work for people, and even work for people that work for you, meaning the leadership aspect of it teaches you a lot about being responsible for those that you're in charge of.

The military is so varied, and you have so many different people that you're working with on a daily basis. It's like drinking through a firehouse. So, when you get in business settings you have the ability to talk to any audience whether it's the newest tradesmen working on the job with a hammer, or it's the CEO of a company. The military prepares you to do a good job in any setting, no matter what it is.

How do the values of Skanska and the military align?

Our values at Skanska are similar to any high functioning organization that relies on its people as their greatest resource. These are values that seek to place people first and allow the organization to thrive when people are empowered to do their best.

For example, the military and Skanska both hold the value of caring for life as their number one value. Despite the nature of the mission sometimes, as a soldier and leader your number one job is to make sure you and your people go home at the end of the day or end of the mission. Same with Skanska.