ENR 2022 Top Young Professionals: Meet Skanska’s Manuel Hoyo and Tracy Anderson

This week, we’re celebrating two more Skanska employees who were recognized as one of Engineering News-Record (ENR)’s 2022 regional Top Young Professionals.

Meet two of ENR’s 2022 Top Young Professionals: Superintendent Manny Hoyo and Business Development Director Tracy Anderson.

We sat down with Superintendent Manuel “Manny” Hoyo—who made ENR’s National Top 20 Under 40 list and New England list—and Business Development Director Tracy Anderson—who made ENR’s New York list.

Each reflected on the Skanska experiences that have shaped them most, what excites them about the future of construction and more.

What Skanska project shaped you most as a young professional in the construction industry?

Manny: Our Harvard Art Museum Renovation & Expansion project, also known as the Fogg Museum.

It allowed me to hone my passion for structures and deep foundations, and gave me a great appreciation for architectural details where tolerances are almost negligible.

Most importantly, this project challenged me daily to give my all.

Tracy: Our LaGuardia Airport Terminal B Replacement has been my most influential opportunity.

It’s a complex and challenging project, from both an engineering, logistics and operations perspective, as well as a commercial perspective.

I learned a lot about the construction industry during my time at LaGuardia, which set me up for success in my current business development role.

There’s nothing we can’t achieve with the right team and a passion to transform our society for the better.

How have Skanska's values challenged you to grow as a leader?

Manny: Firstly, Care for Life has taught me to be vigilant when it comes to safety.

When I embrace this value at work, I can enjoy time away from work that much more—an important value that allows me to recharge.

Secondly, Be Better - Together’s message of treating everyone with respect has helped me be open-minded and inclusive.

Whether you’re a CEO or a new apprentice on a project, we work as a team and everyone is important and deserving of the utmost respect.

Tracy: I’ve been with Skanska for 10 years and have been happy to see that our commitment to our values has only grown stronger over time.

Leading with integrity and intent to build for a better society is an authentic goal that makes our company and the construction industry a better place.

How have you given back to your local community?

Manny: Outside of work, I participate in community service work as a Freemason. Every three months, I help run blood drives with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Both programs have continued operating throughout the pandemic and collect a record 60 pints of blood per drive.

Tracy: The community initiative I’m most proud of is my long-standing involvement in Skanska Women’s Network (SWN) at a local and national level.

The work SWN does has made Skanska a more inclusive workplace, and we’re just getting started. I look forward to contributing to D&I initiatives in the AEC industry for the rest of my career.

What excites you about the future of construction and your role at Skanska?

Manny: Getting to mentor others. Watching your coworkers grow and excel is one of the most rewarding feelings.

Mentoring is like constructing a building; you leave a small piece of you behind even after you’re gone.

Tracy: There’s so much to be excited about! The industry is trending toward more collaboration and innovation, and there’s opportunity to streamline our processes and improve the way we work.

Additionally, I’m excited by the chance to pursue (and hopefully win) critical resiliency projects throughout NYC that will protect our city from coastal flooding and storm events due to climate change.

The projects we work on are vitally important and working for Skanska allows for involvement in a way that really makes a difference.


This three-week series will feature the stories of six Skanska leaders who made ENR’s regional Top Young Professional lists. Through these stories, you’ll get a peek into the Skanska experiences that have positively impacted their lives. Read last week’s Q&A with Skanska’s Sara Casado and Marcus Thompson.