Injury-Free Environment®: Making safety personal

While comprehensive and robust systems are essential to ensuring safety on our jobsites, cultivating an Injury-Free Environment (IFE®) that inspires safe behavior is key to reaching our goal of zero incidents.

For more than a decade, Skanska has sought to create an IFE culture throughout its business. Based on our Care for Life value, IFE is the shared corporate and individual belief that safety must never be compromised for cost or schedule. The program is designed to create for all workers a mindset intolerant of any frequency or severity of incident or injury: everyone has the right to go home safely at the end of the day.

All employees and everyone on our projects, from craft workers to customers, have ownership of the safety program and are held accountable for its implementation. The core principles of our IFE philosophy are:

  • All incidents and injuries are preventable
  • Injury-free operations are possible in construction
  • Safety awareness is personalized every day
  • Each worker is empowered and accountable to stop any unsafe act or condition on the jobsite.
Last updated: 5/23/2017