Heavy Civil

From developing infrastructure for mining operations to completing complex tunneling projects and constructing dams and reservoirs, Skanska is a global leader in the safe and environmentally sensitive delivery of heavy civil infrastructure projects. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our operations to the people and the environment our projects serve. Our priorities have always aligned with what is important to our customers.

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We build with safety in mind.
We build to minimize impacts to the natural and built environment.
We build with a focus on our work.

Shared Goals

Skanska provides an industry leading safety culture that is implemented in the construction of the facility as well as the long term operations and maintenance.

We build high-quality projects that serve our customers today, and well into the future, providing additional value beyond the facilities expected life cycle.

We take time to understand the issues and concerns of our customers and stakeholders, partnering from the beginning to determine the safest and most efficient means of meeting or exceeding project goals and objectives.

We build what matters

Skanska has constructed some of the most complex and challenging heavy civil projects in the U.S. We are an industry leader in partnering with our customers and project stakeholders in completing projects safely and with a high commitment to quality and the environment. To learn more, click on the highlighted projects below.