BIM Analytics

Our teams are using cutting-edge technology to go beyond the traditional preconstruction estimating exercise and realize value for our customers earlier in the project lifecycle.

Leverage BIM to create interactive and immersive estimates

Skanska has been utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and parametric estimating technology to help accelerate the building process from concept design to final estimate – to the growing delight of customers and colleagues. By integrating BIM with cost data and schedule information, we enable rapid simulations of design and delivery options, allowing us to quickly optimize results. Analytics from the model can be harnessed to develop interactive conceptual estimates or support the complex bidding process, enhancing collaboration and decision making among all the stakeholders.

When integrated with tools like views from the model or immersive virtual reality, the analytics are transformed from static data sets to dynamic experiences. These virtual environments respond to the user, allowing our clients to better understand the design options, material choices, while also demonstrating the costs associated. This results in a more comprehensive understanding of the project and helps to accelerate decision-making.

Benefits of BIM Analytics:

  • Create visual context for project costs and schedules
  • Engage clients through interactive and responsive simulations
  • Capture and leverage insights from multiple data sources
  • Make smarter decisions in the project planning phase