Underpinning & Foundation Skanska

Underpinning & Foundation Skanska (Underpinning) has been a leading deep foundations contractor in New York City since 1897. By using past lessons learned together with our unique combination of experience, cutting-edge equipment and engineering expertise, we can manage even the most challenging site conditions.

Our track record of completing our projects on schedule and on budget is what our customers have come to expect. We are the only member of the General Contractors Association of New York that has been continuously in business since its founding 125 years ago. This is attributed to our hard work, diligence and constant improvement.

At Underpinning, we are more than contractors—we are innovators. State-of-the-art equipment and technologies have often made their debut at our project sites.

As part of the international Skanska Foundations Group, Underpinning has access to the latest technologies and trends from across the U.S. and the world. Means and methods are constantly changing and improving, and we have the financial strength necessary to implement them. We have experienced staff, including professional engineers, to evaluate complex projects and offer effective alternative designs to reduce project costs.

If there is a better way to build it, we will find it. If there is a problem, we can solve it.

Our core competencies

1 / 17 Driven piles: Steel H-piles (Turnbull, New York)
2 / 17 Driven piles: Steel H-piles (NYSDOT Cross Bronx Expressway Ramp OCH, New York)
3 / 17 Driven piles: Steel pipe piles (Portal North Bridge, New Jersey)
4 / 17 Driven piles: Steel pipe piles (LIRR 3rd Track, New York)
5 / 17 Driven piles: Precast concrete piles (Two Drydock Avenue, Massachusetts)
6 / 17 Driven piles: Precast concrete piles (Two Drydock Avenue, Massachusetts)
7 / 17 Driven piles: Timber piles (Kosciuszko Bridge, New York)
8 / 17 Driven piles: Tapertube piles (LaGuardia Airport, New York)
9 / 17 Drilled piles: Micropiles (MNR Dobbs Ferry, New York)
10 / 17 Drilled piles: Micorpiles (Baltimore Penn Station, Maryland)
11 / 17 Drilled piles: Large diameter drilled shafts (Javits Center, New York)
12 / 17 Drilled piles: Large diameter drilled shafts (Mamaroneck, New York)
13 / 17 Earth retention: Secant piles (Harvard NASDEP, Massachusetts)
14 / 17 Earth retention: Steel sheet piles (Harvard NASDEP, Massachusetts)
15 / 17 Earth retention: Steel sheet piles (Newtown Creek, New York)
16 / 17 Earth retention: Soldier piles (I-95 Northbound Viaduct Replacement, Rhode Island)
17 / 17 Earth retention: Soldier piles (I-95 Northbound Viaduct Replacement, Rhode Island)

Driven piles

  • Steel H-piles
  • Steel pipe piles
  • Tapertube piles
  • Precast concrete piles

Drilled piles

  • Large diameter drilled shafts
  • Micropiles
  • Drilled displacement & continuous flight auger piles
  • Helical piles

Earth retention

  • Secant piles
  • Steel sheet piles
  • Soldier Piles
  • Anchors

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Go back in time: Underpinning through the years

The strength of Underpinning today is the culmination of 125 years of dedication to a craft. For more than a century, we’ve been refining and applying foundation techniques and technologies to some of our country’s most complex building and heavy civil projects. From low-elevation buildings to high-rise structures in ground conditions varying from hard rock to weak soil, we’ve pursued a diverse portfolio since day one. In doing so, we’ve had the chance to deliver work that leaves an impact. From the New York Stock Exchange to the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York, down to the Disney Monorail in Florida, in each endeavor, we’ve sought to elevate our expertise and deliver world-class innovative solutions for our clients.

1920 – New York Stock Exchange, NY
1925 – BMT Subway, NY
1937 – Lincoln Tunnel, NY
1942 – Ebbets Field, NY
1955 – Bellevue Hospital, NY
1960 – Lefrak City, NY
1962 – 1964 Worlds Fair, NY
1966 – General Motors Building, NY
1967 – Co-op City, NY
1968 – JFK, Pan Am Terminal, NY
1972 – Starrett City, NY
1981 – Disney Monorail, FL
1983 – Battery Park City, NY
1999 – BART, San Francisco, CA
2004 – Whitehall Ferry, NY
2006 – New Yankee Stadium, NY
2010 – Fiterman Hall, NY
2013 – World Trade Center, NY
2015 – Kosciuszko Bridge, NY
2016 – LaGuardia Airport, NY
2017 – First Street Tunnel, VA
2018 – Javits Center Expansion, NY