Reality Capture

Laser scanning, photogrammetry and high definition 360-degree photography help capture valuable data into how construction is progressing, and improves accuracy of our models with scan-to-BIM processes.

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Leveraging reality capture tools to enhance quality

Reality capture involves the use of advanced technologies like 3D laser scanners and high definition 360-degree cameras to collect existing or as-built conditions for use during design, construction and operations. By capturing field conditions quickly and accurately, reality capture tools reveal inconsistencies between what’s “real” versus what is represented in the design plans. This helps to optimize schedules, reduce change orders, increase predictability in the field, reduce risk and enhance quality assurance. Skanska has in-house reality capture capabilities that directly support our project teams to quickly turn-around high definition scans and models for use in the field.

Benefits of reality capture tools

  • Reveal inconsistencies between as-planned and as-built
  • Increase predictability in the field and reduce risk
  • Reduce change orders and improve schedule performance