Higher Education

Every college campus is a city unto itself, with unique networks of connected buildings that support campus life. With a primary objective of minimizing disruption, we integrate into the campus community, perform detailed planning and grow relationships that span decades.

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We build for minimal disruption.
We build for the campus community.
We build for longevity.

Shared Goals

From the smallest community college to the largest private university, there is no such thing as an individual building on campus. On highly congested sites, structures are connected through a web of shared utilities. To minimize disruptions around daily campus activities, we use stringent safety measures, direct communication with stakeholders, wayfinding and careful planning techniques.

Quality and future planning are key to developing 50-year-old buildings. We partner with our clients to understand their needs and meet their long-term goals.

At Skanska, sustainability is more than just environmental awareness—it’s a broader culture of social responsibility, community involvement and future planning. These values are embodied in our work, and help to create the most vibrant and dynamic campus environments that attract students and faculty for years to come.

We build what matters

We customize our approach to meet each client’s needs. To learn more, click on the highlighted projects below.