Meet Russ

Russ Marron

Project Manager/Superintendent at Skanska
Former Active Duty in US Army; Current Major in Army Reserves and Engineer Officer

  • 2 years building healthcare and educational facilities at Skanska
  • 12 years leading Army teams on national and international construction missions, managing a Battalion’s construction program. and planning construction missions in five countries for a 900-member construction unit

How do the values of Skanska and the military align?

The military and Skanska share commonalities in their values, especially the Army’s Ethos. In the Army we say, “Always Place the Mission First” and “Never Leave a Fallen Comrade,” which carry deeper meanings for service members that can easily translate into Skanska’s values of “Be Better—Together” and “Care for Life.”

How has your military training helped you at Skanska?

There are so many skills and tools that I employ nearly every day to help me at Skanska. One of the most profound ways the military helps me is its culture of building strong teams. Success is more often achieved by cohesive teams that empower each other and leverage individual talents towards achieving common goals.

What advice do you offer Veterans trying to transition into construction?

Believe in yourself and know your worth. The skills you learned in the military are more valuable than you can imagine. Transitions take time and joining an organization with similar values and resources can make the transition much easier.

What value do Veterans bring to the industry?

Veterans have served and succeeded in some of the most challenging situations in the world. Along the way, they learned to be the utmost professionals and capable of solving the hardest problems.