Meet Matt

Matt Damborsky

Executive Vice President at Skanska
Former Apache Company Commander in the United States Army

  • 4 years developing Class-A office buildings at Skanska
  • 7 years flying helicopters in the military

Tell us about your career in the military and how you transitioned into commercial development. 

I started my military career at West Point then I went on to fly helicopters in the Army for about seven years. My final job, I was as a company commander in an Apache battalion. Once I left the military, I decided to go back to school and received an MBA from Rice University here in Houston before entering the commercial real estate industry.

What do Skanska’s values mean to you?

Our value of act ethically and transparently resonates with me because it’s the most important thing in our military today. At West Point, you're taught a cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those that do. At Skanska, having a core value to act ethically and transparently was extremely important to me.

How does teamwork play into your success in the military and commercial development? 

In the military, everybody is working together to complete a common task, which is similar to commercial development and construction because nobody can do these high-profile projects on their own. We have to work together to pull these major projects off successfully.