Meet Kenneth

Kenneth “Drew” Shelton

Project Engineer at Skanska
Former Paratrooper and Forward Observer in the US Army

  • 6 months managing project coordination and RFIs, and supporting field staff
  • 4.5 years controlling artillery, mortars and aircraft with infantry platoons

What advice do you offer Veterans trying to transition into construction?

Be yourself and continue working hard. Your morals and traits as a Veteran are of great value in the construction industry. If you stay motivated and carry yourself in the same manner that you did in the military, you’ll go far.

What kind of opportunities does Skanska offer?

Skanska offers the opportunity to develop your leadership abilities while using the skills you acquired in the military. You’ll get to learn from industry-leading professionals and construct some of the most unique buildings in the world.

How do the values of Skanska and the military align?

Like the military, Skanska’s employees hold great pride in what they do. The work that we do and the buildings that we build are all accomplished with the intent of creating a better society.