Green Construction

Environmental health is economic health. Building green contributes to the fiscal stability of our clients through innovative, forward-thinking and cost-effective solutions. Let’s build the right way, the smart way and the best way together.

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We build responsibly.
We build for resiliency.
We build for the future, today.

Shared Goals

Our clients benefit from Skanska’s hundreds of LEED-accredited professionals, hundreds of certified projects and millions of hours in the field. We work to build buildings that perform efficiently and have a minimal impact to the environment. With the opportunity to apply our expertise, we can maximize a client's ROI. Smart business is good business.

Your building will weather the storm because resilient buildings are better buildings. They provide lower operational costs, reduce waste, depreciate risk and are easier to maintain.

Sustainable materials increase productivity, lower healthcare costs and increase staff retention. Building green positions owners as leaders in their markets and within their communities.

We build what matters

We customize our approach to meet each client’s needs. To learn more, click on the highlighted projects below.