Meet Laura

Laura Halady

Project Controls Manager at Skanska
Former United States Air Force Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • 2.5 years overseeing Civil business office operations, compliance and staff at Skanska
  • 6 years working in the OB/GYN, Emergency Room and Family Practice clinics at United States Air Force Hospital Luke

How has your military training helped you at Skanska?

Life took me down a different industry path, however, the values and attributes I learned and developed in the military have stayed with me throughout my lifetime. My values provide a foundation for my work ethic and allow me to accept challenges and hold myself and others accountable. They allow me to prioritize team comradery, and approach everything I do at Skanska with “an all in this together” mentality, focusing on the end goal of building amazing teams and projects.

How has your military training helped you at Skanska?

There are so many skills and tools that I employ nearly every day to help me at Skanska. One of the most profound ways the military helps me is its culture of building strong teams. Success is more often achieved by cohesive teams that empower each other and leverage individual talents towards achieving common goals.

What value do veterans bring to the construction industry?

The attributes gained from military experience bring a tremendous amount of value to any industry. The military grows many leaders across all walks of life. An inspiring leader doesn’t mean having the best title, position or status—it means being a person of integrity, honor and having a good influence on those around you.

How did the military shape you into who you are today?

In the military, you learn self-respect, discipline, pride and honor, and you understand the meaning of true commitment. The military trains you to be loyal. You accept challenges and strive for success, and you learn to respect the beliefs, authority and worth of others. My time in Air Force helped me build a solid foundation of values which I carry with me always.