Advanced Visualization with BIM

Reduce rework, improve communication and collaboration, and optimize project timelines by simulating construction processes.

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Visualizing and optimizing construction operations

In addition to being an intelligent 3D model, BIM can be paired with advanced visualization and planning tools to help our project teams visualize and simulate how to continuously improve the delivery process. By leveraging BIM to visualize work plans and site logistics, we enhance our ability to plan for site access and staging/laydown areas, resulting in a leaner and safer jobsite. When integrated with the schedule, BIM enables a 4D sequencing process that can help the team discover potential schedule improvements.

Our Advanced Visualization experts can enhance our planning efforts further by using cutting-edge design tools and gaming engines to produce process illustrations, construction sequences, high definition renderings and animations, data visualization, and virtual environments. They work with project teams to develop visual based tools focused on communicating the impact of construction on its surroundings to clients and the community.

Benefits of BIM-enabled Advanced Visualization

  • Improve productivity and safety through dynamic, visual planning
  • Reduce rework through enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Optimize project timelines by testing construction simulations
  • Improve collaboration and communication with enhanced transparency