Hudson River Park Trust, Segment 6+7

  • Hudson River Park Trust, Segment 6+7

Segment 7

Segment 7 which includes Pier 95 and 96 are at the northernmost section of Hudson River Park and were the first to be developed on the city-owned portion of the project. The piers are located between 54th Street and 57th Street. The segment includes a large grassy area known as “Clinton Cove Park.” The park features a large sweeping lawn with trees, shade creating structures and public art features. An architecturally striking boathouse is located at Pier 96 that can accommodate kayaks, canoes and other small non-motorized vessels. The project includes a “get-down” at Pier 95 for direct access to the river.

Segment 6

Segment 6 includes Pier 66 and 66A which includes the demolition and construction of marine and upland components. The marine segment consists of the demolition of existing bulkhead and Pier 66 structure, clearing to the mudline all debris within the footprint of the new Pier 66 Marina, new bulkhead, pier and marina construction. The new construction involved driving concrete piles with steel stingers to rock, friction pipe piles and precast concrete elements (pile caps, prestressed planks, edge beams). The completed Pier 66 was the base for the finished park elements including wood decking, shade structure, site lighting, seating areas, a 30-foot diameter waterwheel artwork structure and marina for recreational boating activities. The Upland Park and building construction included the Pier 66 Boathouse, site utilities, habitat areas, landscaped areas and a granite/bluestone esplanade along the bulkhead from West 26th through West 29th Streets.

Pier 84 included the demolition of the existing bulkhead and pier structure, construction of a new bulkhead and pier extending 800 feet into the Hudson River. The Pier construction included driving 242 steel/concrete piles up to lengths of 223 feet and the fabrication and installation of precast concrete elements (pile caps, prestressed planks, edge beams). The completed Pier 84 is a base upon which a segment of the Hudson River Park was constructed that includes a boathouse, park building, fountain, landscaped and paved areas, playground and water taxi stand.

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