Good Samaritan Hospital, Dally Tower


Skanska made extensive use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to overcome challenges during every stage of the project, from design to construction, with 3-D visualization, 4-D scheduling and 5-D cost. On the Good Samaritan project, the team added an additional layer of information to the model, developing a 6-D tool to facilitate maintenance after construction. Detailed data on the MEP systems and training videos linked to the BIM will allow staff of the Good Samaritan Hospital to properly service and maintain their equipment.

The 3-D BIM allowed the team to perform clash detection among large, complex systems with a positive impact on design, budget and schedule. For example, the team needed a plan for a complex set of utility connections early in construction: an underground tie-in to a waterline, a storm system and routing of new services into a new, two-story connecting corridor. We used 3-D modeling and clash detection to map the existing services and determine the optimal points to perform tie-ins, avoiding the need to dig a 25-feet-deep open excavation and severely disrupt the hospital’s operations. Technology is only part of the solution to a complex problem, but by using BIM the team successfully delivered a healthcare facility to meet future needs.

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