St. Pete Pier

As the city’s seventh pier since 1889, the St. Pete Pier and pier approach is a main attraction for locals and visitors in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Throughout the construction of this project, our team made sustainability a priority, from stormwater pollution prevention plans and erosion control procedures to the protection of different fishes and wildlife.

1 / 4 St. Pete Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida
2 / 4 St. Pete Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida
3 / 4 St. Pete Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida
4 / 4 St. Pete Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida

Sustainability fun facts

  • The Florida manatee is currently listed as a threatened species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It was critical for our team to prevent any manatee injuries or deaths, so we had several manatee spotters onsite during construction. If a manatee was spotted, all work ceased. After a manatee sighting, no work would be done for at least thirty minutes to ensure the animal had enough time to leave the area.
  • Solar PV panel covered market structures and solar PV panel covered parking canopies provide power to many areas of the new Pier.
  • Trams and electric vehicle charging stations were installed by the pier. Much of the roadway has been eliminated and there is reduced parking of personal vehicles, reducing associated pollution over the bay.
  • New breakwaters were built to enhance the restoration of Spa Beach, mitigate erosion and provide protection for surrounding sea grass beds.
  • LED lighting was installed throughout the Pier District to keep costs down, reduce energy usage and minimize light pollution.
  • The playground features natural products such as Robinia/black locust wood for equipment, and recycled products.

Awards and certifications

  • 2020 Excellence in the Waterfront award by the Waterfront Center – St. Pete Pier Approach
  • USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice, Best New Attractions 2020 – St. Pete Pier

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