Care for Life 5


Care for Life 5 (CFL5) is a holistic framework designed to influence laser-focused behavior around existing safety standards, spur consistent planning, and foster a disciplined culture of responsibility where all team members—from our job sites to our offices—understand the critical role they play in executing safe work across Skanska.


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cfl5-HumanMachineInterface-1.png Walk in designated pathways only, avoid exclusion zones.
cfl5-HumanMachineInterface-2.png Check your equipment and surroundings before operating and ensure spotter is present.
cfl5-HumanMachineInterface-3.png Listen for auditory warnings signaling moving equipment.


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cfl5-energized-systems-1.png Ensure Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedures are in place.
cfl5-energized-systems-2.png De-energize and verify equipment for stored energy, eliminate exposure to live systems.
cfl5-energized-systems-3.png Verify necessary signage and markings are in place around live systems and utilities.


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cfl5-line-of-fire-1.png Avoid objects that are moving or under tension.
cfl5-line-of-fire-2.png Verify equipment and tool guards are in place.
cfl5-line-of-fire-3.png Ensure materials are properly stacked and stored to prevent displacement and dropped objects. Inspect and verify load stability before releasing delivery straps.


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Eliminate working at height where possible. Activate Fall Protection for work at six feet* or above, checking to ensure the anchorage/tie off point is properly rated (5,000lbs).

*Note: 4 feet in Washington

cfl5-falls-2.png Ensure lifts, scaffolds, platforms, fall protection systems and guardrails are properly in place and inspected.
cfl5-falls-3.png Implement Ladders Last program. Use proper techniques when authorized for ladder use.


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Plans and inspections are completed prior to lifting. Steer clear of lifted loads or static objects that could fall.

cfl5-lifting-operations-2.png Keep hands off suspended loads. Use tag lines or positioning sticks.
cfl5-lifting-operations-3.png Sound warnings prior to lifting (i.e. repeated whistle or horn blasts).