Skanska awarded contract for SR 47/Vincent Thomas Bridge & Front Street/Harbor Blvd. Interchange Reconfiguration in Los Angeles

Press release 3/7/2024 7:00 AM EST

LOS ANGELES, CA – Skanska, a leading global construction and development firm, has signed a $91 million contract with the Port of Los Angeles to reconfigure the State Route 47/Vincent Thomas Bridge and Front Street/Harbor Boulevard interchange in Los Angeles, CA. The interchange reconfiguration will reduce travel time, alleviate congestion and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Skanska’s work on the project will include:

  • Replacement of the existing southbound SR 47/Vincent Thomas Bridge off-ramp with a new off-ramp on the north side of the Vincent Thomas Bridge, including a new traffic signal, to improve safety and separate vehicular and truck traffic
  • Realignment of the existing northbound I-110 on-ramp
  • Modification of the existing northbound SR 47/Vincent Thomas Bridge off-ramp onto Harbor Boulevard providing a separate exit ramp and decreasing merging concerns
  • Modification of existing northbound SR 47/Vincent Thomas Bridge on-ramp at Harbor Boulevard toward Terminal Island increasing merge distance onto mainline
  • Re-alignment of Knoll Drive to accommodate new on-off ramp system
  • Upgrading Front Street/Harbor Boulevard to include new curb/gutter, storm drain improvements, street lighting, traffic signal updates, bike lanes, ADA-compliant curb ramps and crosswalks 

“Skanska is looking forward to working with The Port of Los Angeles and Caltrans to make traveling around the Vincent Thomas Bridge safer through the reconfiguration of this heavily trafficked interchange,” said James Bailey, executive vice president of Skanska USA Civil’s West Coast operations. “The project will not only modify the existing on and off ramps of the interchange, but is designed to improve safety, access and efficient operation around the Vincent Thomas Bridge reducing congestion and improving the region’s air quality.” 

The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2026.