Skanska USA Building launches Data Solutions Team

Press release 6/27/2023 7:00 AM EST

The newly formed division to transform data generated by the firm to draw the most actionable insights and data-informed business outcomes for internal teams, partners and clients

NEW YORK, NYSkanska, a leading global construction and development firm, today announced the leadership of its new USA Building’s Data Solutions Team. Led by Skanska veterans Will Senner and Amy Jones, the team will focus on ensuring the data created and utilized every day is more accessible and connected through easy-to-use tools and dashboards, to drive the most data-informed business decisions for clients.

“Data and AI are transforming construction and this team is helping us pioneer and innovate to ensure that data-informed insights, tools and strategies remain at the forefront of our work,” said Anita Nelson, Skanska USA Building’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our early investments in data infrastructure have yielded great outcomes – and the creation of the new Data Solutions Team furthers our commitment to delivering the most up-to-date and data-informed solutions to our clients to ensure the most optimal business outcomes possible.”

In partnership with Skanska USA’s IT Data Management Office, the Data Solutions team will use the latest industry research to identify and prioritize data solutions to improve project efficiency, cost certainty, client value and employee satisfaction. In addition, the utilization of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will improve overall operational efficiency by providing the ability to better minimize risk and drive performance certainty for partners and clients.

As an example, the team has recently launched the 3D Model Based Production Tracking Dashboard, which leverages data from multiple project information platforms to create data visualizations that help teams track and monitor trade partner schedules, workforce, and percentage completion data. The insights gleaned on forecasted completion dates allow construction teams to advise on crew size adjustments more proactively, subsequently ensuring subcontractors achieve the required productivity to meet project milestones.

All of Skanska’s work in this area will build on and adhere to the recent guidelines issued by Skanska Group for AI and ChatGPT.