Skanska Completes Primary Construction Work on Monumental Fifth + Broadway Project

Press release 2/24/2021 4:00 AM EST

NASHVILLE, TN – Skanska USA announced the completion of the core of its work as general contractor on Fifth + Broadway, Brookfield Properties’ dynamic mixed-use project at the very heart of downtown Nashville. Skanska was initially engaged in 2014 as the project was in the planning phase.


Breaking ground in April of 2017, and working on all components simultaneously, Skanska has now delivered a 415-foot, 386-unit apartment tower (the tallest for-rent apartment tower in Tennessee), a 24-story office tower comprising 372,000 square feet of Class A office and market redefining amenities such as a nearly 19,000 square foot indoor / outdoor amenity deck. Work also encompassed multiple parking garages delivering more than 2,000 spaces, and a retail and entertainment centerpiece with approximately 200,000 square feet of tenant space.

This was Skanska’s largest project ever in the state of Tennessee, and the largest single phase mixed-use project ever undertaken in Nashville.

“Skanska USA as the project Construction Manager, has proved to be a strong partner over the last seven years in bringing Fifth + Broadway to life,” said Burgin Dossett, VP, Development at Brookfield Properties. “This project required the demolition of an existing convention center, and, within a single phase, the simultaneous transformation of an entire city block into a mixed-use destination featuring two-high rise towers, a flagship retail and entertainment centerpiece, renovated and expanded conference facilities, underground parking, and new internal streets – all occurring at the busiest and most iconic intersection in Nashville.”

Added Dossett, “Skanska’s partnership and expertise has allowed us to complete a project that is truly transformational and lives up to the promise of our vision.”

“After years of hard work and collaboration, we are extremely proud to bring Fifth + Broadway to downtown Nashville,” said Dennis Georgatos, executive vice president and general manager of Skanska’s building operations in Tennessee. “This highly anticipated project combines luxury residential apartments and Class-A office space with retail partners and the city’s first food hall. As the largest project our Nashville office has ever completed, we look forward to the impact it will have on the community for years to come.”

Adding to the momentous feat, Fifth + Broadway is at one of the most trafficked and visible intersections in the Southeast, surrounded by iconic destinations such as the Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame and Bridgestone Arena. Skanska worked closely with neighbors and city entities to carefully coordinate and communicate its efforts to make the complicated building process as transparent and seamless as possible.

The scale of the project underscores what was accomplished during construction by Skanska. Here are some of the highlights from this transformational project:

  • Approximately 250,000 pounds of explosives were used for excavation during the development phase—approximately the weight in July Fourth fireworks that Americans purchase annually.
  • 15,408 tons of concrete and 3,875 tons of steel have been recycled from the demolition of the Convention Center. This total weight is equal to nearly two Eiffel Towers.
  • 70,750 tons of material have been recycled from construction debris—approximately the weight of 353 blue whales.
  • 98,500 cubic yards of concrete were used for this project—equal to 29 Olympic Swimming Pools.
  • During the construction of Fifth + Broadway, Skanska worked through the 2019 NFL draft and CMA Fest, which brought a combined 680,000 fans to Nashville.
  • Skanska supported 11 valuable organizations and programs throughout construction: 
  • 7,000 workers made this project possible, and they included 105 prime subcontractors and 61 small, minority-owned, women-owned and veteran subcontractors. The project is tracking more than $70 million to be spent on diverse businesses throughout construction.
  • Skanska has logged 3.2 million work hours to date.
  • If Fifth + Broadway’s three towers were stacked on top of each other, they would measure 894 feet high—equivalent to the Rockefeller Center in New York City.
  • There are 1,600 stairs in Fifth + Broadway’s residential tower leading to 386 apartment units for rent.
  • Fifth + Broadway’s parking garage can hold 2,145 cars, which, if parked bumper to bumper, would stretch from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to the Nashville Zoo.

“As an organization that prides itself on building what matters for our communities, our team worked alongside local stakeholders to deliver a project that will transform this side of downtown Nashville,” said Rob Johnson, vice president of operations at Skanska, who oversaw many of Fifth + Broadway’s day-to-day operations. “At Fifth + Broadway, we look forward to welcoming locals and visitors alike to this world-class development that embodies the heart and culture of our city.”

With more than 40 years of history in Tennessee, Skanska combines generations of regional knowledge with the vast tools of a global construction firm to build what matters for local communities. Skanska’s local portfolio includes the highly sustainable redevelopment of West Riverfront Park, state-of-the-art healthcare projects such as Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence and world-class hospitality projects like The JW Marriott Nashville Hotel. Recognized as one of the region’s leaders in diversity and inclusion practices, Skanska is committed to creating new opportunities for employees, partners and subcontractors.

Additional quotes from the Skanska team:
“I’d like to thank the 7,000 men and women that worked tirelessly to construct Fifth + Broadway from the ground up. Totaling 3.2 million work hours, this project’s success comes from the dedication, collaboration and commitment of the people who showed up to work every day.”
- Jeff Elpers, project executive at Skanska

“The completion of Fifth + Broadway required a complete team approach – from preconstruction and business development to marketing and operations. This once-in-a-lifetime project required attention from the majority of our Nashville team, and I’m incredibly proud of the finished product.”
- Russ Brown, senior project manager at Skanska

“Having grown up in Nashville, I’m extremely proud of the investment our team made in our employees, subcontractors and community partners. We look forward to further developing our relationships and partnerships within Nashville to positively impact this city we love so much.”
- Alisha Wix, marketing manager and vendor diversity coordinator at Skanska