Skanska modernizes and expands school in Washington D.C., USA, for USD 51 M, about SEK 430 M

Press release 1/5/2016 8:00 AM EST

Skanska has signed a contract to modernize and expand the Lafayette Elementary School in Washington, D.C., USA, and will include USD 51 million, about SEK 430 million, in the order bookings for Skanska USA Building in the fourth quarter 2015.

The total contract value is USD 72 million, about SEK 610 million. The initial phase worth USD 21 million, about SEK 180 million, was included in the order bookings for the third quarter 2015.
Lafayette Elementary School, which serves nearly 700 students, was built in the 1930s, with an addition in the 1970s. The current building is 9,200 square meters. The expansion project of approximately 11,000 square meters will replace the section added in the 1970s, plus an additional 5,500 square meters.
The modernization will include the restoration of the existing schoolhouse façade, the total interior renovation of the 1930s structures, a slight enlargement of the existing parking lot, renovation of all exterior play and field surfaces, green roofs, and other storm water management features to meet the latest DC Department of Environment requirements.
The project is designed to achieve, at a minimum, LEED Gold certification. When completed, the school will serve around 800 students. Preconstruction began in February 2015 and the project is slated for completion in November 2016.