Transforming a small city while building a connection

Bend is a small city that sits on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. Similar to the city, our Bend team is small but mighty, and they have been transforming this community since 1995. From complex healthcare and education facilities to flooring replacements, the team has completed more than 100 projects over the past 25 years.

Since 1995, Skanska has been working in Bend, Oregon, a small city that sits on the Deschutes River.

For our employees, Bend is more than just a city—for some it’s their home, and for all of them it’s a vibrant community that they’re committed to seeing flourish. We sat down with our Bend team to learn about what makes them unique and the incredible relationship they’ve cultivated with their local community.

What makes the Bend team unique?

The Bend team is a tight-knit group, and we work on a variety of diverse projects. From large scale schools and hospitals to flooring replacement, we check all the boxes. We communicate well and use each team member’s strengths to our advantage. I love coming to work every day because of them.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

The Jefferson County Performing Arts Center holds a special place in my heart because it was built in my hometown. Growing up, I never imaged that I would be able to come back and build an auditorium and football stadium for my community and family. To this day, when I watch my kids perform or attend a Friday night football game, I have a sense of pride for the craftsmanship that our team produced.

What makes the Bend team unique?

We have a track record of sustained work in a small market. This region has a total population of about 250,000 people, which is extremely small compared to some of the larger cities Skanska serves. The keys to our success are high performance, community involvement and commitment to our customers. News travels fast around here, and our reputation is critical to our success. 

What is your favorite Skanska value and how does this team exemplify it?

Be Better—Together. As a small regional team, our group has a strong partnership that ensures our projects are successful. Everyone knows that their specific role is critical to the overall success of the team.

Why is it important that we support our communities outside of building projects, and how is the Bend team doing that?

Community involvement is important in any market, but even more so in smaller communities and marketplaces. It’s essential we be a community partner to support the people and businesses where we live and work—it’s who we are and ingrained in our values. In addition to regular involvement in community fundraising events, like fun runs and the iconic Pole Pedal Paddle event, we’ve invested in many community organizations over the years.

What do you love most about your job?

I love building what matters! The projects we’ve built in this region are true community assets. From the hospitals that our families depend on to the schools our children attend, and even the parks we enjoy, our projects have drastically improved the regional community.

What makes this team successful?

Teamwork, dedication and a caring attitude. Our local team is invested in these projects, our customers and the community. We work hard to deliver safe, high-quality projects and this not only improves our community, but it also leads to future work.

What is your favorite Skanska value and how does this team exemplify it?

For me it’s two Skanska values: Be Better – Together and Commit to Customers.

Be Better—Together: The Bend team supports each other. When we encounter something outside of our particular strength, we know there is always someone we can reach out to for support. We do whatever we can to help each other, our clients, and local subcontractors.

Commit to Customers: Our team prides itself on being there for our clients, no matter how big or small the problem is. From shoveling snow at the hospital on a Saturday morning to fixing a critical issue on one of their systems, our team is there to provide emergency response to our clients.

What makes the Bend team successful?

We are a smaller team but very diverse. This allows us to connect on a personal level, creating an inclusive working environment. We help support each other, and we never lose sight of our common goal.

What is your favorite Skanska value and how does this team exemplify it?

My favorite value is Be Better—Together. As a small regional field office, our success not only relies on our team but also on our local vendors, subcontractors and clients. While the area continues to grow, it still has that small-town feel. We are always there to lend a helping hand. You never hear “not my job” or “it can’t be done” from this team.

How are you and your team supporting the local Bend community?

Over the years, our team has volunteered to build multiple projects and sponsored numerous local organizations. We’ve assembled playgrounds for the Madras Kids Club, sponsored local school district trivia nights, and been a long-time sponsor of the regional medical system. We’ve even done a multi-month training course to generate interest in the construction field for high school students interested in joining the trades.

What makes this team successful?

Dedication to one another and cross-compatibility is what makes our team successful. Each individual is always ready to jump in where they are needed. We also receive support from the Portland office, whether it be team members in environmental, health and safety, accounting, estimating or marketing. Having large corporate support allows us to focus on our clients and the work at hand.

What makes the Bend team unique?

To me, it all comes down to the people. We have a group of highly skilled leaders that live and work in Central Oregon. They are proud of their community and they work incredibly hard to make every project the best it can be. The team exemplifies our Be Better—Together value, as they have a collaborative spirit, not only with each other but with our clients and partners.

How did we get our start in Bend?

Bend is a special place to live and work. The great clients in the area initially drew us in and have allowed us to be successful, but the community is what keeps us here.   

What makes this team successful?

The team is successful because they look out for one another. They are humble and know there is no place for egos on a high-performing team. They successfully deliver great projects, resulting in happy clients and repeat business. Our clients see them as an extension of their staff.

Why do you enjoy most about working for Skanska and this team?

At Skanska, diversity and inclusion are of the utmost importance. Every day at work, I feel welcomed, and it energizes me to continue to perform to the best of my abilities.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that we are a small project team, it allows us to connect on a more personal level. If an issue arises, we are ready to step up and support our teammates with whatever is needed to continue moving forward.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

My favorite project is the Redmond High School Remodel. Most people don’t get to demolish and rebuild their former high school. While I was a student at Redmond, we had very few windows, and the school always felt small. Our team opened up classrooms and common areas, and installed large windows, allowing natural light to flood the classrooms. During construction, our team removed a two-ton, heart-shaped rock from the main entrance, and we found a time capsule from the 1970s.

Why is it important that we support our communities outside of building projects?

I am proud to work for an organization that serves its community. I grew up in Bend, and I am raising my family here, so that has always been important to me. The residents of Bend need to know we are more than just a builder—we’re an extension of the community.


Last updated: 7/30/2020