Meet Joaquin

Joaquin Diaz

Environmental Health and Safety Director at Skanska
Former United States Marine

  • 22 months supporting the implementation of EHS programs and staffing needs at Skanska
  • 3 years serving in a United States Marine Corps infantry unit in supply and logistics, as the nuclear, biological and chemical warfare representative, M240G gunner, and driving Humvees and 5ton trucks

How do the values of Skanska and the military align?

Alignment starts with caring for life. The Marines taught me the value of caring for the Marine in front of me, behind me, and to my side. This same value carries forward at Skanska. We must care for our colleagues, treat everyone with respect, and ensure they are safe while completing the mission.

What kind of opportunities does Skanska offer?

Skanska is a great organization that supports Veterans. There are mental health services available for employees struggling through a crisis or concern. Skanska offers training and mobility for those looking to grow and offers dynamic challenges and fulfillment in working on unique projects throughout the country.

What advice do you offer Veterans trying to transition into construction?

The construction industry is dynamic like our service was. We can handle situations others may not be ready to manage. Seek out memberships in various associations that can help you connect with others in the industry. Network and never hesitate to ask questions. Don’t be timid—the same confidence that helped a Veteran succeed through bootcamp and training is the same confidence we need in the field.