Cameron Alexander

Cameron Alexander

Senior Development Manager at Skanska;
former Petty Officer, Second Class in the United States Navy

5 years developing Class-A office buildings at Skanska;
4 years serving in the United States Navy

How did the military prepare you for your career? 

In the military, they teach you how always to be prepared. For example, if a unit falls, what do you do? What are the right safety precautions to take? What are challenges of hanging a curtain wall unit? What are the safety factors involved in every phase of work?

Veterans do well in construction because a lot of those skills are the same.

How do military and Skanska values align?

Care for life is a perfect alignment between the military and Skanska, whether you are caring for the lives of your colleagues or caring for the quality of life of the people in your community.

Why do you recommend military veterans consider the construction and commercial development industry? 

After the military, I was shocked to find that many people aren’t working for a common goal and it’s hard to deal with sometimes. I was used to being on a team that was working toward the same goal, whether it was daily tasks, a mission, an operation or a full deployment. It was comforting to know that the person next to me was there for the same reason that I was.

In my current job, I’m aligned with my teammates, and we are all working toward a common goal together. It’s one of the reason I think construction and commercial development are a great fit for veterans.