Anders Danielsson, President & CEO, Skanska USA

Anders Danielsson is President & CEO of Skanska USA and a member of Skanska’s 9-person Senior Executive Team (SET) responsible for global operations. He is responsible for the company’s U.S. construction operations; U.S. corporate staff functions; and global infrastructure development operations. Anders also oversees the coordination of all U.S. services, which generated $6.8 billion in revenue in 2016 from construction, commercial development and infrastructure development operations.

During his nearly 30-year tenure at Skanska, Anders developed a track record for performance and profitability. He has worked in multiple countries and managed all four of Skanska’s business streams: construction, commercial development, residential development and infrastructure development.

Prior to this role, Anders successfully served as President of Skanska UK where he oversaw 6,000 employees and operations in construction, property development and facilities management. Before joining SET in 2013, Anders was President of Skanska Norway, an operation of 4,000 employees, where he led two successful turnarounds of construction operations and residential development operations. Prior to that, he served as President of Skanska Sweden.

Anders’ first assignment at Skanska was as a design manager on the Electrolux new headquarters in Stockholm. Other iconic projects throughout his career include the Hallandsås tunnel project in the south of Sweden and the New Karolinska Hospital, a world-class public private partnership, in Stockholm.

Anders joined Skanska in 1991 after graduating with a master’s degree in engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.