Karsudden Regional Hospital, Katrineholm, Sweden

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Higher security and enhanced environment at the Karsudden Forensic Psychology Hospital

The Karsudden Regional Hospital, outside Katrineholm, is Sweden’s largest forensic psychology care facility. Skanska is refurbishing and extending the facility as part of a program to improve security, as well as the residential and work environment. Karsudden was built in the 1960s. Since then, only minor renovations have been conducted, leading to the dilapidation of the premises.

The first stage commenced in October 2013. An old canteen was demolished to make way for a new building. This is now the administration center, permitting it to come closer to operations. This building also comprises two floors with facilities for patients. Two buildings have been refurbished and all of them are now interconnected. The personnel have a shared canteen and the patient rooms are larger. The idea is to make it easier to move between various parts of the hospital. The transport of food, goods and pharmaceuticals has also been simplified.

Construction work is ongoing while patients continue to live the building next to the worksite, which entails that workplace security is extremely important. We have special procedural rules in terms of tools, vehicles and contacts with patients. In addition, we must get extracts from the Swedish Criminal Records for everybody working on the site.

Security at Karsudden has been improved as a result of our actions. The windows and walls in patient rooms comply with very exacting security requirements.

Further work will be conducted when we have finished with the buildings. We plan to transform a large asphalt parking space to a green square, replace water and sewage mains, and conduct detailed planning as well as moving exercise grounds.

We also have an option on Stage 2, which involves the continuing renovation of Karsudden. A political decision is required for the completion of this stage.

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