Mullberg Wind Farm

Sustainability and green

Sustainability issues have been a top priority during the work on Mullberg Wind Farm. The vision is for the wind farm to be built and operated in harmony with nature and for the project to serve as a model for how to create renewable energy in a sustainable, cost-efficient and profitable manner.

Once completed, the wind farm will supply 50,000 households with green electricity over the coming 25 years. Green electricity plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions.

Green worksite and local labor

Our goal throughout the project has been to minimize our environmental impact and the wind farm has been classified as a green worksite according to Skanska’s ISO 14001 certification. This means that we are expected to meet strict requirements with respect to emission levels, energy-efficient lighting, chemical use and garbage sorting.

We have also aimed to use local labor. A total of about 100 employees have been involved in the project, most of whom are from the local area. Once complete, the wind farm will create approximately ten full-time positions.

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