New York City Bridges

  • Brooklyn Bridge Looking Toward Manhattan
  • Brooklyn Bridge at Night
  • Franklin Arch Over Pearl Street - Brooklyn Bridge
  • Brooklyn Bridge Stone Tower
  • Rehabilitation of the North Spans - Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge Rehabilitation Projects

Every day, more than a million people rely on the East River bridges to get to and from Manhattan. In 2004, the New York City Department of Transportation awarded Skanska contracts to rehabilitate two of the iconic East River Bridges: The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most recognized landmarks. Skanska’s contract requires the reconstruction of the approaches and ramps in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The project also includes the replacement of approximately 600 bridge bearings and the repainting of the entire structure. The lead-based paint will be removed and handled in an environmentally correct manner approved by the client and will be replaced by an environmentally compliant paint. Since the Brooklyn Bridge is a historic structure special measures are being taken to preserve some of its original elements.

Skanska was awarded a $189 million contract to rehabilitate the north spans of the Manhattan Bridge. The 5,800 foot long bridge, which also spans the East River between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, was built in 1909 and is the most heavily traveled of all the East River spans, carrying more than 78,000 vehicles and 266,000 subway commuters each day. Years of use caused rapid deterioration to this historical and architectural monument, forcing the New York City Department of Transportation to initiate a massive reconstruction program consisting of 12 contracts, the first of which began in 1982. Skanska’s contract includes the rehabilitation of the north spans including the replacement of 18 million pounds of steel as part of the north upper roadway, reconstruction of subway framing,  construction of a pathway for bicycle and pedestrian travel over the East River and installation of an Intelligent Transportation System that will serve as a direct link between the bridge and New York City's main traffic control center.

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