Pier 2 & 21 Replacement

  • Pier 2 & 21 Replacement

Skanska was awarded a $76.8 million contract to replace Piers 2 and 6 at Naval Station Norfolk for the Department of the Navy. 

The piers were the first of 12 double-decker piers planned for the Naval Base. The scope of work for this project included dredging operations and construction of the piers. 

The innovative design of each 90-foot by 1,500-foot pier incorporates more than 1,000 precast concrete elements in the lower deck to support a cast-in-place concrete upper deck. The project also included utility lines routed between decks to allow easy access for maintenance while leaving the structure’s upper deck uncluttered, free to support the loads of the Navy’s largest cranes.

The project was completed on schedule.

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