Hudson River Park Trust, Segment 5, Chelsea Cove

  • Hudson River Park Trust, Segment 5, Chelsea Cove

A $60 million, nine acre adaptive reuse of derelict waterfront piers on the Hudson River rebuilt for public use including a skate park and a merry-go-round. Green parkland is planned for the demolished piers and the pavement areas. Demolition and rebuilding of the piers was performed in an ecologically attentive way as not to disturb the striped bass fish population that use the river as their main breeding ground. Pier reconstruction was prohibited for 6 months starting in November. On Pier 64, which is, approximately 50,000-SF, a 2-story shed was demolished making room for an area of landscaped hill. The pier is unique in that it has a gradual incline to its elevation making the water-end approximately seven foot higher than on land.

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