Piedmont Hospital Masterplan

  • Piedmont Hospital Masterplan

Skanska has worked constantly on the Piedmont Hospital campus since the early 1970’s. In 2006, Skanska took over completion of the 2007 Master Plan project after another Construction Manager was terminated for cause. Our work encompasses three phases:

South Bed Tower Addition
$2.1 million completion of a 32,893-SF, six-story patient room renovationand a three-story structural addition, which ties into an adjacent building. New spaces include: Cardiac Care Unit, Rehabilitation Unit, Intermediate Care Unit, Transplant Unit, executive suites and insertion of an elevator. Completed in April 2008. 

Building 77 Build-out
$10.7 million, 18,065-SF infill below the existing Building 77 and a 2-story infill space between two buildings. Work includes: ED, new rehabilitation space, dietary component including a new cafeteria, loading dock, support spaces and a concrete bridge. Completed in April 2008.

$16 million, 52,400-SF complete renovation of the hospital’s ORs and support spaces. Skanska organized a detailed 21-phase plan to accommodate ongoing operations. Complete in January 2010.

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