DHL, terminal at Hisingen

Our assignment

Skanska has constructed DHL’s new terminal at Hisings Backa on the outskirts of Gothenburg. The new, more suitable, logistics facility replaces the old and inefficient premises in central Gothenburg, which also had major shortcoming in term of the work environment for employees.

The close collaboration resulted in premises optimized for DHL’s operations.

Long-term plan resulted in joint project

A few years ago, Skanska purchased a site in the Hisings Backa industrial zone because of its ideal location for logistics purposes. When the problems with DHL’s old premises became too severe, Skanska initiated a discussion.

Renovating the existing premises was not considered an alternative because of the expense involved. Furthermore, DHL would eventually have to relocate for environmental reasons and because the land was needed for the development of Gothenburg city center.

We were awarded the assignment because we owned an attractive site suitable for DHL’s needs and because we identified a collaboration form embracing transparency and participation. Skanska was the contractor and property owner, DHL was the client and tenant.

The project was distinguished by cooperation and openness; DHL’s knowledge of the needs of its operations provided the cornerstone for the design of the facility and Skanska contributed its know-how of project management and construction. Reference studies and knowledge exchange were a crucial part of the implementation.

Functional facility and improved work environment

The result is a functional and cost-efficient facility for both the tenant and property owner.

“It’s the difference between night and day,” says Jörgen Samsjö, Branch Manager at DHL Gothenburg. “The new terminal has provided such a lift – especially for us employees. Our old premises were cold, drafty and badly adapted to the task. We are now expecting a reduction in the number of staff calling in sick during the cold period of the year.”

The operative business places high demand on the facility. To ensure a functional and efficient terminal, loading bays, floors and layout were prioritized areas.

The terminal minimizes distances for loading; distribution vehicles are loaded directly using sorting lanes that extend all the way into the cargo space. Loading in the new terminal is carried out under a roof so all goods reach their destination in a clean and dry condition.

A better adapted terminal streamlines and speeds up the handling of parcels and packages.

The project was initiated in October 2007 and DHL moved premises in January 2009.

The project in figures

• Investment: about SEK 250,000,000
• Implementation period: 15 months
• Terminal: 20,000 square meters, of which 2,400 square meters of office space
• Number of loading bays: 115

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